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1. Σανγκάι, Κίνα

Carved into the edge of an abandoned quarry outside Shanghai, this five-star resort is due for completion in early 2017. It'll feature 328 rooms cascading down a rugged cliff face toward a 90-meter-deep lagoon with the lowest levels of the property located below water.

2. Ντουμπάι

This $  1.4 billion complex is due to open in 2018 on the man-made Palm Islands off Dubai's coast. The resort will house 800 guest rooms and 250 luxury apartments across 46 floors of stacked glass boxes. Amenities will include a Givenchy spa, Gordon Ramsay restaurant, interactive marine park and 90-meter-high sky pool.

3. Νορβηγία

This sleek, snake-shaped architectural marvel will soon offer amazing views of Norway's Lofoten Islands. The 11,000-square-meter Lofoten Opera Hotel will contain a mix of hotel and apartment units, an amphitheater and spa. Though the hotel was due to open in 2015, the completion date has yet to be announced.

4. Ιδιωτικά νησιά , Ντουμπάι

Amillarah Private Islands is under development. It's expected to form the Australasia portion of Dubai's ambitious World Islands project. Once complete, it'll feature high-end villas that open up onto private beach-fronts, contemporary seaside apartments and several hospitality and retail elements -- all floating together in the Persian Gulf.

5. Μπακού , Αζερμπαιτζάν

Under development in the oil-rich Azerbaijani capital of Baku, the 33-story Hotel Crescent will become the centerpiece of the sprawling 450,000-square-meter Crescent Bay skyscraper complex. Due to open in late 2016, it'll be located on an artificial island.

6. Σάνγκσα, Κίνα

The Deep Pit Ice and Water World, part of the forthcoming Dawang Mountain Resort near Changsha, will be partially suspended over a quarry pit with two contrasting environments: a lake with sunken gardens below and an indoor snow center above. A separate 100-meter-high tower will house a five-star hotel with 330 suites. It's due for completion in 2016.

7. Πουκέτ, Ταιλάνδη

Already complete, Thailand's Keemala Resort is due to open before the end of the year. A tropical wonderland of thatched huts, treehouse pools and terraced herb gardens, this adults-only wellness resorts is tucked into a rainforest along the Andaman Sea.

8. Υποβρύχιο ριζόρ, Φίτζι

Off the coast of Fiji, U.S. Submarine Structures is engineering the world's first underwater resort. In addition to 24 suites, it'll contain a library, spa, bar, restaurant and event space -- all with views over a coral-filled lagoon teeming with fish.



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